1. Just in case anyone who reads your post here, MP, doesn’t check in to the original thread, here’s the comment I posted below:

    You are a VILE excuse for a human being, Anonymous. Not only that, you’re a coward. (Remember me? I’m the one who keeps telling you to SIGN YOUR NAME.)

    I’ve already paid my pledge to MadPriest for the month but just to “honor” your nastiness, I’m throwing in an extra five quid.

  2. You know, it might almost be worth the effort to track the user identity back. It is not all that hard to do, and publishing a coward’s name is sort of enjoyable….


  3. I just saw [Brad] on an (Anglican) blog I’d never even visited before—one of his (unpleasant) personalities may be making the rounds again…

  4. If it makes you feel better, this is one of the comments I just recieved (It’s the tail end of it because it was a screed);

    “My call to you is to flee from your inordiate affections and truly embrace Christ, not this chimera “christ” you have invented.”

    I had to look up what a ‘chimera’ was and I’m still not sure.

    • Well at least this one ain’t from Brad: he’d tell you to flee Christ OR christ, for…whatever that crazy wanker is on about. [Still haven’t a clue]

      Well, besides crazy, Brad’s an antitheist: what IS their deal? I leave comments on YT vids whose POV insults my intelligence: usually wingnutters’. A wingnut or two may then go off on me.

      But I left one comment on an antitheist vid: those ideological obsessives CANNOT leave me alone! On and on and on they go, about how they’ve “defeated” me. All they’re demonstrating is how BORING their anti-theist god is. GET A LIFE ALREADY!!!!