From THE INQUIRER (The Philippines):

The oldest Mandauehanon woman turned 106 years old yesterday. Clad in a brown dress, Olympia ‘Impyang ‘ Judilla celebrated her birthday with her only child, 76-year-old Lucia Morpos, six grandchildren and ten great grand children.

While she didn’t get formal schooling, Olympia memorized the Ten Commandments, the seven sacraments of the Catholic church, the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and how to pray the Angelus. These she can recite in Spanish and Cebuano.

Police officer, Sanguniang Kabataan, is Olympia’s eldest great grandson. He said he never forgot how “Lola Limpia” would beat him after he climbed a tree against her wishes. He said that his grandmother was a disciplinarian and a devout Catholic. As a a child, the police officer remembered praying with her on their knees in front of the altar before going to bed. If his lola caught them coming home late, the children would be made to pray over and over again.

The Mandaue City police officer credits his grandmother’s disciplinarian ways for his present career as a police officer.



  1. Oy vey.

    It’s like those who physically abuse (euphemized “spank”) their kids, who defend the practice saying “I was [sic] spanked, and see how I turned out?”

    Yes, you were abused as a child, and turned into a child-abuser. And?

    Oy vey.