My friends, Lois and Xena, have an unwanted guessed visiting at the moment. So I cobbled this vid together for them as a permanent reminder. I did so with love, an evil grin on my face and my tongue placed firmly in my cheek. Check out the full story at RAMBLINGS WITH LOIS.

I have added two new blogs to The Neighbourhood list (see right hand sidebar).

The first is entitled, THE SOULS OF MY SHOES, and it is the ongoing account of Erin's travels through South America. The young lady doing the travelling is the daughter of Paul Walton of the GETTING THERE... 2 STEPS FORWARD, 1 BACK blog. Look, this is a well written blog and extremely interesting. The fact that Erin is also well babelicious should not be a reason for adding her to your blogroll.

The second new blog (well, new to my list) is ANDREW'S VERSION by Andrew McGowan, the Warden and President of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, and a Canon of St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne. OCICBW... featured his piece on the Ordinariate, that was published by "Eureka Street" a month or so ago. That was an excellent piece of writing much appreciated around our neighbourhood.

Although Andrew obviously has a brain the size of a planet, he is well used to dumbing down for students and Australians, so you lot should be fine with his stuff. Mind you, you will need to put your thinking head on because this is serious stuff.

Suem has a guest post up at SIGNIFICANT TRUTHS by a writer who has some hard-hitting and valid things to say about the so-called acceptance of gay people in our churches. It's well worth reading.

Penelopepiscopal has posted a stunning and beautiful, real-time video of the Northern Lights, filmed back in January during a solar storm, on her blog, ONE CANNOT HAVE TOO LARGE A PARTY. Check it out, skywatchers!

La Biscuitsnapper has posted an urgent prayer request at RANTINGS OF THE BISCUITSNAPPER.

Prayers and thoughts for a lady called Shabana and her family who attend our church and recently had their visa application refused. As they are Pakistani Christians, we would rather they did not have to go back home (they have had some disturbing news about what's been happening to some of their Christian acquaintances back home). They are a hard working family (four out of five of them are employed, including the two older boys who should be focusing on their A levels) who have given so much to the church (Shabana started a multi-lingual prayer group which has really grown and provided so much pastoral care for us and her husband and sons have contributed their talents as leaders and musicians). Please pray that the hearts of the authorities might be turned and their appeal granted.

I realise that some of you get upset with me when I mention the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, but you are just going to have to suck it up. I studied with Pakistani Christians at ordination college and I know how frightening the place is for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Anyway, I shall be praying for them and their friends and relations back home. If you decide to join me then pop over to La Biscuitsnapper's blog and leave a comment to say you are. I am sure your support will be passed on to the family concerned and help them get through their ordeal.

Long time blogger, Goodfornowt, has posted one of his own poems on his blog, GOOD FOR NOTHING. It's entitled, "Death In January," and is very good indeed.

This cute face belongs to Bailey, a Siberian Forrest Cat.

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  1. The fact that Erin is also well babelicious should not be a reason for adding her to your blogroll.

    Well, then I shan’t. [Because I don’t have a blogroll! ;-)]