To refuse to condemn an injustice practiced by a particular group of people because you are fearful of causing offence or being accused of causing offence IS discrimination.


ON PREJUDICE — 5 Comments

    • Here’s an example: There are black people who take offense at a white person equating discrimination against them with their discrimination agaist gays. While I was serving at a predominantly black parish at the time that an overwhelming number of black christians helped ban gay mmarriage in Califonia, I never hesitated to express my dismay that a group who had been discrimnated against would so easily discriminate against others.

      Had I not done that for fear of offending I would have been giving tacit agreement with their position.

    • Yes. Not only that but I think you would have been patronising them. You would have been saying that they are “weaker” than your white friends who you would complain about to their faces if you thought they were being unjust. And that would have been discrimination.

  1. I suppose, Jonathan, it has to do with the way you phrased the original thought. If you had said it “encourages” discrimination that would have made more sense to me. But you said it IS discrimination. That “IS” there makes a lot of difference in how I understand your statement. Which at the moment, I don’t.