The Bishop of Barking is calling on all Christians to make their way to Wembley this month for a historic day of prayer. Up to 70,000 Christians from across the denominations and the UK are expected to take part in the National Day of Prayer and Worship on 29 September. Leaders from several Christian organisations will lead prayers for key issues affecting the nation, as well as the world, with special prayers to be led by Tearfund for the one in seven people going to bed hungry each night.

Tickets are priced £10 until 17 September, after which they will £15.

Praying for the nation. It sounds like a good idea. But what specifically are these 70000 people going to be praying for? I have searched all the online literature on this event and nowhere do the organisers give any exact details of what they will be asking God to do. This is a shame and, quite honestly, very devious and calculating. Not everybody is as fluent in evangelical speak as I am (I studied it at college). A non-evangelical speaker would have no idea what they are letting themselves in for if they turned up at this event. They could be planning to pray for the expulsion of all black people from England or the repeal of female emancipation - the advertising for the event is completely vague about this.

Of course, if you check out the list of those involved you discover exactly what the agenda on the day will be. It is possible that there has never been a larger gathering of homophobic, reactionary, bible worshipping, small minded, interfering, brainwashing, fundamentalists in one place at one time in England. I doubt that everyone involved is so hateful but if you go through the list of those who are involved and enter the name of each one in your Google search box along with the word gay you will soon discover that most of them definitely are. I did by the way. The clincher is that the convenor of the whole event, Jonathan Oloyede, was one of the original signatories on that vile, call to bigotry, "The Westminster Declaration."

I notice that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has given his endorsement to the event. As far as I know Boris isn't a homophobe so, contrary to what is often claimed, he actually is as stupid as he looks.



  1. You know, it’s not such a bad idea when you think about it. Gather them all in one place and box them up, pretty as you please. Then hire a cargo freighter to deliver them Texas or some other country where their rhetoric would be more appreciated than in the UK and it’s all set. If you are feeling terribly Christian, you can even drill holes in the box.

  2. Australia is a very good idea. It’s huge. They have something there which they call the outback. That sounds like a perfect place to send our evangelicals and the Australians could send the Sydney fundies there to be with them as well. Everyone will be happy except the kangaroos.

    • Didn’t Jesus wander about in the desert for a while – seemed to do him some good. Maybe we can send them with a gay keeper – with any luck, Stockholm syndrome will set in and they will come out of it all the better for the journey.

    • Now you’ve got me worrying about all the books they are going to write afterwards about their wilderness experience. “New Ways of Getting Lost in the Desert” and that sort of thing.