I've been in a right panic and heading into a major depression. PayPal have been telling me all month that the regular donations to my account from my supporters were being cancelled left, right and centre. I assumed I must have upset a lot of people, although, for the life of me, I couldn't work out what I had done. I didn't contact anybody because I think it's a bit crass to go nagging people who are sending me money purely out of the kindness of their hearts.

Fortunately, a couple of days ago, a supporter did get in touch and it became obvious that at least some of these cancellations were cock-ups by PayPal. This gave me a good enough excuse to write to everybody concerned. Unfortunately, quite a few of these people are on vacation at the moment.

Basically, at the end of the day, I'm over a hundred pounds down this month. That's a quarter of what I receive in donations. I am really struggling, having only £10 to get me through to the beginning of next month.

So, I would be extremely grateful if you would consider making a small contribution to my online ministry (the only work I have at the moment), especially if you download my weekly services or just think they are a worthwhile way to reach out to those who, for one reason or another, do not attend a bricks and mortar church regularly.

If you do not do so already and are able to, I would really appreciate you considering a monthly pledge (no matter how small or no matter how large) to my ministry. You can use the following widget for this. Click on the arrows in the option box, choose the amount you would like to donate each month and then follow the online instructions.

Another way to help me financially, and one which costs you nothing, is to buy from Amazon via the widget under the heading MAKE MADPRIEST RICH PLEASE in the righthand sidebar.



  1. Yes, I’ve checked and your donation went through on the tenth before things started to go wrong, Mary Beth. There were no problems or delays. Thanks for your continuing support. I really do appreciate it.

  2. My pledge went South Months ago, I think I emailed you Father Jonathan. I have to do the thing when I see the call to arms each Month. Not sure why, but Paypal won’t let me do the recurring pledge anymore, just the one-time. Unfortunately they are the only game in town so I didn’t want to complain and get them pissed (angry, not drunk) at you…

  3. Thanks, Wade. Yours was, in fact, the first example of this PayPal glitch. I had hoped it was a one off. Unfortunately it continued building up to a crescendo of PayPal incompetence in the second half of this month. However, I now know that there is a problem and if it happens again I will be okay with writing to the people affected straight away. thank you for your continued support.

  4. Well, they seem to be convinced that I have an existing Paypal account. And I must have had, as they are showing a defunct email address from Verizon, who sold out to some fly-by-night bunch of idiots from North Carolina that were so useless as an ISP that I had to switch to Thyme Warner… Damned if I can remember it though.

  5. This may be a sign that our compassionate God hates AIDS and syphilis so much that He is discouraging websites that promote something called “queer Christ.”

    • Thanks, troll. Although you are a bit late this time. People have already been more than generous. But your nastiness may persuade others to make a donation which I promise I will put towards promoting teh gay agenda. You can congratulate yourself on being such an important evangelist for the queer Christ. Without your well chosen words people might come to the conclusion that those who oppose same gender marriage and the like were normal, nice sane people.

    • Every once in a while, one sees a new level of stupid. Anyone who blames a computer malfunction on God really has a single integer IQ.


  6. You are correct, Janis. Fortunately most donations come in in the first couple of weeks of each month and the glitch kicked in in the latter half of August. Otherwise I would have been in a right pickle, as they say round these parts.

    While you’re here tell me, was it you who posted a photo of a beagle on FaceBook recently. If so, what was his name?

  7. Speaking of trolls, do you have a preferred app to track back to their real url/address? I am experiencing an infestation on my little blog.