1) How to play strip billiards.

2) That the richer you are the more likely it is that women (or men I suppose) of easy virtue will agree to have sex with you.

3) That there's no point learning anything from Harrygate because the vast majority of us are obviously far too old and out of shape to ever get invited to "that" sort of party anyway.



  1. From what I recall, Prince Harry is merely carrying on the tradition of those further down on the succession list doing embarassing things. Is this not so?

    (I personally would have given nearly anything to have listened in on what the Queen had to say to him when he returned home)

  2. The whole concept of our royalty having to be relatively well behaved was introduced by the present queen’s parents, following the Abdication. Hence the complete lack of either surprise or condemnation from the British public following Prince Harry’s revelations.

    • Not necessarily. He could have become infected anywhere. I had a look at them on the photo through a magnifying glass and there’s nothing about his minions that would indicate he caught them in the USA.

  3. Actually, it seems to me that HRH is simply carrying on the great traditions of

    a: military men on leave
    b: royals the world over, throughout the centuries

    And he is both.

    So where’s the scandal??

    • If Joe tells you he used to be invited to pool parties to take drugs, have sex with multiple partners and play strip billiards – he is lying.

    • He’s a WILKE. He spent 3 years in Bavaria in his early 20s, as a SINGLE MAN.

      Do you think he spent all his time attending Mass and singing hymns while he was there? (At the time, he was still Roman Catholic.)

      Come on…