DID HE REALLY SAY THAT?!! — 2 Comments

  1. If you know anything about any of the persons or facts in this story, precisely NONE of it is a surprise!

    The most charitable thing one can say about Groeschel, is that following an auto accident and a series of strokes, he’s now senile.

    But that would ignore the DECADES of bullsh*t he’s spewed before.

    About “the very conservative Friars of the Renewal, a breakaway order he founded 25 years ago”, I actually have second hand knowledge of some of the dirt. Groeschel was a Capuchin Franciscan (OFM Cap), and in the late 70s, the Detroit house had a young friar who was openly gay. Even though the friar was eventually kicked out, apparently Groeschel didn’t think it happened soon/viciously enough. So he split to found the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (he actually wanted to use the word “Reformed” in the title, but the Vatican said No).

    Where did I learn all this? From that gay Franciscan! He is now *wait for it* an Episcopal Franciscan now (I met him in Michigan. Skittles did, too!)

  2. That breeze you feel is from FURIOUS BACKPEDALING by the Popoids. The Nat Cath Register (I hate not being able to say “NCR”, but that’s the respectable publication “National Catholic Reporter) has yanked the original interview, w/ “If anyone was offended” boilerplate by their editors, the order (CFR), and Groeschel. I’m wondering if EWTN (which owns the NatCathRegister now) will take Groeschel off his weekly show next (an involuntary retirement!).