"If this photo were black and white you might think it was from the early 20th Century. Nope it's a picture of Dennis Brent Sawyer of McCall, Idaho this winter, 2012. Dennis posted this on the web, and we figured we would share it with you. Wolves Belong: Stop the Slaughter."

To kill any dog is a betrayal. It is the breaking of a sacred bond that is older than the gods. People who take delight in the killing of a wolf or a fox or any other dog, are not persons as they have no spirit of life within them. Nature screams but they do not hear her for they are not born of her. They are cancer.



  1. I’m (sadly) used to these kind of pictures, w/ coyotes. To see (still threatened!) *wolves* subjected to this kind of grinning-moron slaughter is shocking.

  2. Wolves aren’t dogs. Wolves are Canines. To call a wolf a ‘dog’ is analogous to calling a mouse a ‘squirrel’ – both belong to the family of rodents, but they’re two different animals.

    I doubt you’d want a gray wolf under your dinner table, or in the same room as a new born. Fido the domesticated DOG however – yeah no problem (usually).

    That said, I hope they weren’t killed solely for the reason that this guy needs to feel like a big man.

    • “”Dog” is the common use term that refers to members of the subspecies Canis lupus familiaris (canis, “dog”; lupus, “wolf”; familiaris, “of a household” or “domestic”). The term can also be used to refer to a wider range of related species, such as the members of the genus Canis, or “true dogs”, including the wolf, coyote, and jackals, or it can refer to the members of the tribe Canini, which would also include the African wild dog, or it can be used to refer to any member of the family Canidae, which would also include the foxes, bush dog, raccoon dog, and others.[14] Some members of the family have “dog” in their common names, such as the raccoon dog and the African wild dog.” (Wikipedia)