The Roman Catholic archbishop-elect of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, controversial for his vigorous support of California's same-sex marriage ban, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and ordered to appear in court, San Diego authorities said Monday. Cordileone was booked into San Diego County jail two hours after being stopped and was released Saturday on a $2,500 bond, sheriff's records show. He was ordered to appear in court Oct. 9.

In a statement released by Cordileone he stated, "I pray that God, in His inscrutable wisdom, will bring some good out of this."

I am sure we are all incredibly shocked by this report. If it is true it would make this papal golden boy a Class A hypocrite and a far greater danger to society than any tinkering with the definition of marriage could ever be. I mean, same gender marriage is not responsible for the maiming and killing of hundreds of thousands of people, many of them just children, every year, whilst drink driving is.

Furthermore, according to the Bible, gay sex is a minor matter, only worthy of two or three mentions in the whole of it's lengthy text. But getting drunk is condemned over and over again in both Testaments and there are numerous stories recorded about the dangers of excessive drinking.

"Do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery..."
(Ephesians 5:18)

Basically, Cordileone has been seduced into indulging in the sins of the flesh. As the Roman Catholic Church is primarily concerned with condemning the sins of the flesh, I cannot see how this drunk priest can now head up the San Franciscan branch of the war against gays without showing his church up as a major practitioner of hypocrisy. And that would never do.

Big thanks to Alison for sending me this news report.



  1. Furthermore, according to the Bible, gay sex is a minor matter, only worthy of two or three mentions in the whole of it’s lengthy text.

    Whilst I’m in basic sympathy with your point here, Jonathan, I’d beware of this mathematical argument. There are, Imbelieve, seven texts in the Bible that deal with gay sex. There are also six – only six – that deal with the sacrament of Holy Communion, but I presume you would not consider this a minor matter? Even more remarkably, there is only one text that deals with the idea that human beings are made in the image of God, but I presume we would all agree that this is a fundamental idea?

  2. My tongue is firmly in my cheek, Tim. Personally, as you know, I don’t regard the Bible as anything other than a record of what human beings thought about things. The writers of the Bible can be as wrong about morality as anybody else. But if someone insists on using the Bible to justify their thoughts and actions I am more than happy to slap them round the face with both Testaments when they themselves contradict, in their thoughts and actions, what they demand from others. It’s not this bloke’s drunkenness that I judge (we all make mistakes and fortunately, in this instance, nobody was hurt), but his hypocrisy.

  3. Very near San Diego State University’s Fraternity Row: cruising for drunk pledges who might want to do some “youthful experimentation”? :-X

    • Yes. Jesus got a taste for it beer when he visited England with his Uncle Joseph of Arimathea. In fact, he was a founder member of the Campaign For Real Ale. The early church followed his lead on this and the tradition of only having a sip of wine during the Sunday service and then afterwards all going down the pub for a couple of pints of good ale persists to this day.

    • No, no, no, Our Lord’s happiness from hoppy-ness goes back to his Most Holy Mother. Even among heavenly precincts the BVM’s predilections were well-known. Hence, the Archangel Gabriel greeted her, “Ale Mary!”

    • I am **cracking up** here.

      I just read this to Joe (I’m at work, and I have him on the phone here) and he’s yelling the following:


      The Isles didn’t even know what “beer” or “lager” or “stout” or “ale” etc until the SAXONS brought it over!

      /end Mr. Wilke’s rant

    • No. The Saxons, being from Germanic stock, only drank fizzy lager. They didn’t get a taste for real ale until they came to England where we had been brewing it since my ancestors arrived from Mesopotamia in about 8000 BC.

    • You must not be a lager-drinker, Jonathan. Is it because local lagers are quite wussy and something like, say, a good stout is much better?

  4. Hypocrite? That charge would only stick if they caught him in a homosexual relationship.

  5. More from The Viking:

    Let us not forget that the Romans regarded beer as a lowly beverage, suitable only for barbarians and completely uncivilized “people.”

    Yes, it is true they got their drinking habits from the GREEKS, who drank wine…and we won’t even talk about THEIR predilections, shall we??