Several religious leaders in Kassel, the western German city that is currently hosting the semi-decadal art exhibition Documenta, have protested against a drawing advertising a show in the city's caricature museum.

"I find it problematic when a caricature disparages the very heart of a faith," Barbara Heinrich, a Protestant official in the city, told German news agency DPA.

The cartoon in question is hanging outside the Kulturbahnhof, a cultural center which houses the caricature museum, known as Caricatura. It depicts Jesus in agony on the cross as a voice calls down from heaven, "Hey, you. I fucked your mother."

The artist behind the caricature, Mario Lars, expressed surprise at the burgeoning debate. "It was not my intention to hurt the feelings of the faithful," Lars said. "I was just making a joke."

The mini-imbroglio recalls a recent scandal involving the German satirical magazine Titanic. The publication recently printed an image of Pope Benedict XVI soiling himself front and back under the headline: "The Leak Has Been Found." The Vatican was not amused and filed a cease and desist order against the magazine.

As the rest of the world discovered when they invaded Poland, Germans do not do subtlety. Fart jokes are about the limit of their humour.

If you are going to take the mick out of the virgin birth then at least make the effort to give the joke some depth and, if possible, a bit of biting social commentary. Like this photoshop from the English humourist, MadPriest, for example:



  1. Even when one sees no humor in a particular joke, the better reaction is to just ignore it rather than to get in such a state of uproar. For getting any sort of reaction is just what the jokester is trying to accomplish. And apparently this one has succeeded.

  2. Still, I’ll bet they don’t have the cojones to do a joke about Mohammed or Islam…..

  3. Secular humorists, here’s a modest proposal: do Crucifixion Jokes *OR* Virgin Birth Jokes. But not both at the same time? Like the broken legs and spear-in-the-side, it’s just OVERKILL.