"If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem."

Silence, diplomatic, "politically correct" or otherwise, is not an option and is, in fact, infinitely worse than ignorance.


The World Council of Churches is to hold a consultation on the plight of religious minorities and the misuse of the blasphemy law in Pakistan from 17 to 19 September to coincide with the 21st Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“The public hearing aims to heighten discussions at international levels on the deteriorating situation of the human rights of minorities in Pakistan and misuse of blasphemy law, through which the death sentence was made mandatory for blaspheming. We hope to strengthen initiatives that have greater impact on public and governments by involving ecumenical advocacy for minorities in the country," said Dr Mathews George Chunakara, the director of the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs.

About bloody time. It really annoys me how so many Christians, liberals most definitely included, refuse to condemn the persecution of Christians in non-Christian countries. I am not a racist. I am just somebody who sees no intrinsic difference between the persecution of gay people by Christians and the persecution of people of the non-Islamic faiths by muslims. There are no Christians in the world today, not even of the most fundamentalist beliefs who treat people of other faiths so violently. There is no predominantly Christian country where muslims have less rights than everybody else. Both the muslims and the jews need to stop all discrimination towards people of other religions. The practice is both uncivilised and unenlightened. It's a remnant from the Middle Ages and if countries want to be regarded as civilised and democratic they should leave such evil practices in the past, get real and join the modern world.



  1. I have always believed that such draconian practices come from a deep-seated fear that the favored religion is somehow weak and unable to compete with other belief systems on its own, and must therefore be defended by artificial means. There are also issues of power in such situations, and rigid, unyielding control is the goal.

  2. Hmmmm….I thought my comment posted, but apparently it did not…

    So, thus, I say: don’t you know, Jonathan, that you’re not supposed to call out the liberals on anything at all??

  3. No disagreement here. [And, FWIW, I trust the WCC in a way that I don’t some ConEv publication]