OCICBW... has been quiet of late. This is due to technical problems I amhaving with my main computer. Basically it's hard drive is not up to dealing with the amount of data and software required to run the whole OCICBW... thing. As I'm still being punished by the authorities of the Church of England for suffering from clinical depression fourteen years ago, it is unlikely I will have the relatively small amount of money needed to upgrade the drive in the foreseeable future. So, we will have to put up with bodging it for the time being and hope that the system doesn't crash and destroy all the files. That really would be the end of my world.


BLOG NOTICE — 5 Comments

  1. Have you thought about using the cloud instead? (for storage at least) you get 2gigs for free (and you don’t need to store on your PC anything that has previously been published on the blog – it’s all stored in the cloud already)

  2. I tried using a cloud back up but it would take months (literally) for me to upload all my data. At the moment I have some data on my computer and some data on an old, external hard drive (it won’t all fit on one or the other). I need a bigger hard drive (2TB) and a new, bigger external hard drive (2TB). I would then be able to use the time machine on my Mac to back up automatically. Hopefully, I can struggle on until Christmas when I shall have a fund raising campaign for the two items.

  3. I am looking on, do you have a particular 2TB drive in mind? Some look fairly cheap, at least by US standards. Dose your mac have enough usb capacity to tolerate both your existing drives and a single new external? If it dose, you could I think, migrate everything off the internal and unify it. I use a small (OK huge) Flash Drive farm for most of my software these days, I have a half TB total on a single USB multiplier (16 port) that gives me a LOT of software room.


  4. The problem is not being able to run software from an external drive. At the moment all my media files are on my external drive as there is not enough room on my computer to store it all. I can link my media players on my computer to the media files on the external drive but the transference speed between the two is very slow. This is a well known problem with iTunes. What I would like is to be able to store all my media files on my computer and purchase a newer, bigger external drive to automatically back up everything using Apple Mac’s Time Machine software. The cost of upgrading my hard drive to 2TB is about £130. If my fundraising campaign at Christmas goes well I would purchase an external hard drive in a fire safe with a recovery warranty (about £190). If it doesn’t go that well I will be happy with a cheaper alternative. I have an wireless device I don’t use at the moment which I could use to connect to an external drive away from my main computer which would reduce the risk of completely losing my data in one fire or burglary. Also, if I can store all my data on my computer I could avail myself of cloud storage. I have found a company that sends a sizeable memory device that you transfer all your data onto and then send back to them. This means that you don’t have to initially upload everything by wire (which would take me months). You just upload updates. It will soon be Christmas.