I accept that my blogging activities do not help when it comes to me finding a job. Then there's my history (ancient) of mental illness and the fact that I was a curate for so many years; those things don't help either. Also, there's the way bishops swap notes with each "off the record;" that really does not help when you have publicly outed your bishop as a person who uses legal exemptions to get away with actions that are illegal under secular law. All these things are a big enough hurdle for me to get round. You would think the haters would be content with that.

But no. Today a Church of England priest contacted me who was under the impression that Ruth Gledhill of The Times had blogged that I had been sacked for presiding at the marriage of a gay couple. Of course, this is completely untrue. I've never even been asked to and have never been in a position in a church where it was up to me to arrange the weddings. Anyway, as I have made it perfectly clear on this blog on various occasions, I don't knowingly break church law as I believe this would weaken my verbal attacks on the injustices and bigotries of my church.

So, I Googled it and discovered that Ruth had said no such thing but someone, called David Ould, had posted the following on a website entitled "Stand Firm" in 2010.

Now, I don't bother reading the opposition's websites because I campaign from a positive position and I don't have a word search in place looking for my name on the Internet, so this was the first time I had seen this. It's quite horrid. In fact it's libellous, especially if it has effected my chances of getting a job both in the past and in the future. The fact that a perfectly nice, inclusive minded priest had given this story credence shows that I may not be being paranoid in believing that it is part of the reason why I am still unemployed and that nobody, who could do so, is eager to stick their necks out to help me.

The full libellous article can be read at STAND FIRM.

What really upsets me is that Ruth Gledhill contacted my former diocese and they said nothing to crush the rumour. they just said that they could not comment because it was "a matter between a priest and his bishop."

And it's me who is being kept out of the ministry having to accept a year's probation if I want to "work in the wider church?"

God help us.


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  1. It’s amazing how willing the Pharisees are to omit obedience to that annoying commandment regarding the bearing of false witness.

    BTW I seem to recall that Stand Firm is known in some places as Viagraville.

  2. For all its faults, and they are many, for those of us living in remote parts of England the C of E is often the only church there is Tracie. I find Jonathan’s story entirely credible because he is very open and I went to a church with a vicar who sexually abused children and when we discovered his activities it turned out that rather than them being dealt with he had been on several occasions shunted on to another unsuspecting church. Of course he knew the right people and had gone to the right school. And yes, I am biased and cynical.

  3. At the end of the day, Tracie, it’s my church, not theirs. I’ve been a faithful member of the C of E all my life and believe in its ethos. Heck, if I didn’t love it I would be a fool to fight so hard and publicly for its reformation and renewal.

  4. Screw who’s church it is – libel’s actionable, you need money. Sue the bastard. Christians shouldn’t take each other to court, it’s said, but he thinks you aren’t a Christian, and we know he isn’t.

  5. I need some stronger words than “revolting”, “despicable” and “utterly reprehensible”.

    Oh, and once more with feeling: Anonymous, sign your name.

  6. But why is this any news? They have posted lots of lies in their battle against The EEeeeevil Homasexshuls. I don’t usually read anything over there, but just dipping in today found it very sad and now I need a wash. Their obsession with sex and sexuality and sexual identity is really something.

    Perhaps its to MP’s honor that he are “important enough” to be noticed. But that doesn’t change the fact that libelous whispers have injured him materially. I agree with the idea of asking them to “put up or retract” and then seek legal advice. The UK has pretty strict laws on libel and perhaps there’s a sympathetic UK attorney amongst us who might advise pro bono.

  7. MP, if you feel that he has done you harm, you need that to be healed. Only you know how you feel about it and how you will deal with it.

    You know that you have our support!!

  8. Here is your grumpy old friend nij. If u have an offer to do a year’s probation, please, just do it, damm it! Don’t get side-tracked with insults from dobby Ould, or articles by anyone unless it is God Him/Herself. Put your money where your mouth is, and just do it!
    Here’s wishing u the best!
    We’re rootin’ for ya!
    P. S . If anyone knows why my posts doutble, please let me know, thanks in advance.

    • Well, it’s been over a year and they haven’t found anyone who will even take me on for free. And they’ve all buggered off on holiday now so more delay. I really do worry that I will die before I get back into parish ministry.

  9. David Ould lives in Sydney, Australia. (Quelle suprise!) I suspect that suing him would be difficult in this instance.

    David and his twin (“ex”-gay) brother Peter posted on on the USENET UKReligionChristian group back in the day. I am not surprised at David publishing an unsubstantiated rumour. Both he and his brother always acted as if the ends justified the means and were totally unable to see any point of view other than their own.

    Sadly, it would appear that some people never grow up or acquire wisdom.

    • He’s a nasty little runt that David Ould. So unpleasant in fact that he is even shunned by the Uglies who rule Mordor. His fixation with other people’s (homo)sexuality screams sublimation. I’d love to see someone take him down.