If you are just going to say the same thing over and over again I will mark your comments as spam (which I have just done to four of your posts). This means that eventually the Blogger anti-spam software will start rejecting all of your comments to all of their webpages. So please, troll, be interesting and inventive or just STFU!


NOTE TO THE TROLL — 2 Comments

  1. A troll is a cross between a school bully and a stalker. In your case the equivalent of the sort of low-life that steals the lead from the church roof (and the *** drove over my favourite rose bush.)You have only got to visit suicide newsgroups to see how they target those that they think are vulnerable. I had a friend whose ability to spell had been destroyed through brain damage who posted to such a group and was cruelly teased by someone claiming to be a super clever university student. It could have been fatal given her mental state. My retaliation of taking him down a peg or two by pointing out his errors in spelling and punctuation was as nothing compared to that of the member of the group who hacked his account and made imaginative use of it until he pleaded for mercy. Very satisfying. I will now go and contemplate the wise words of Maximus the Confessor,
    “If you are offended by anything, intended or unintended, you do not know the way of peace.