In their continuing campaign to take over the legislature of the United States of America, the generals of the Nation of Vatican (a small, independent country in Europe) have dropped the bomb on San Francisco. The weapon of mass destruction, named Don Salvo Corleone (after The Godfather Of All Lies), contains the heavy metal, satanium, which has the unique property of causing extreme harm to gay people and their friends whilst leaving bigots completely untouched.

Full details at THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE.



  1. Bishop Cordileone is very very smart, and very very conservative. He is widely viewed as the architect of Proposition 8 (more here. I can only hope that the dismayed SF Catholics head over to their Episcopal churches. After all, Grace Cathedral in SF (Episcopalian) is much, much prettier than the ghastly St Mary’s (RC), which frankly looks like an agitator from a clothes washing machine.

  2. This is about what we expect from B-16. In fact, anything else would be a surprise. It also explains why a recent survey showed one tenth of Americans consider themselves, “former Roman Catholics.”


  3. Also, this can’t be good for Most Holy Redeemer (MHR), which is the RC parish in the Castro (the gay district of SF). They are good people, very active in the community, with a particular mission to people with HIV/AIDS. You can bet that “Bishop Sal” will drop the axe on them pretty quickly once he gets there.

  4. Don’t you have better things to do with your lives than bitch (a word chosen for its complete applicability to religion’s core demographic)about who has the better invisible friend?

  5. A troll asking normal people if they have better things to do with their lives. Love it! And it won’t even see the irony itself.

  6. Once more with feeling: Sign your name, troll, and people might listen to what you have to say. At the very least, it’s the gentlemanly (lady-like) thing to do.

  7. It would not be ironic without the utter absence of introspection exhibited by our under-the-bridge dwelling spammer.


  8. Unspeakably awful (Vatican’s Henchman to San Fran)

    Unspeakably boring (Resident troll)

  9. I don’t think it will be pretty (I live just south of his diocese and the seminary and country retreat are walking distance). The local university Catholic community is fairly safe until the current bishop of San Jose has to step down in a couple of years (he is apparently a moderate, the university community tends to liberal in the hierarchy).