The August issue of New Words for Holy Communion is now out. Details of how you can purchase this trendsetting liturgical resource can be found at the top of the left hand sidebar.

And if you need more encouragement to part with £2.49 of your hard earned cash, how about this endorsement from the soon to be Bishop of Rhode Island?

We have been using selections from New Words for Holy Communion here at Trinity Cathedral on Phoenix Arizona since they became available. We use them as supplemental texts for weekday and late Sunday liturgies.

The language and the imagery that is contained in each week’s text is faithful, scriptural and wonderfully fresh. By hearing the common themes of the week’s lections expressed consistently throughout the texts, we’ve had a chance to experience the wholeness of scripture and liturgy in a way that has been unique for us. I particularly commend the weekly prayers of the people texts.

I urge you to at least take a look as these texts and think about settings where their freshness and alternative imagery might be a powerful tool in helping people connect with their faith.

The Very Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely, SOSc
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Phoenix Arizona USA


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  1. Ooo, ooo, ooo, it’s the Cathedral of the Isles, isn’t it!?
    Oh yes, will order as soon as I find my credit card. Shouldn’t be long, but after all, being a Luddite, my immediate gratification takes me longer than some.