Dear Prime Minister,

Bradley Wiggins won the Tour De France today and as you pointed out in your immediate interview on the television it was a fine achievement. Many people in Britain will be happy because of his win. His cycling prowess is one of the things that makes Mr Wiggins great. However, his win is not what makes Britain great as you claimed, no doubt so that some of his personal glory would shine on you. He just won a cycling race. This may or may not bring in more more money at the Olympics and that in turn may bring in more money from tourists. But all the money in the world going into the pockets of British businessmen and the Exchequer will not make our country great.

What would make our country great and make it stand out above other nations would be you getting your party to vote through Parliament new laws that would redistribute the wealth of Britain so that all of us get the chance to enjoy our lives without living in poverty and all of us get to enjoy the wealth of our country equally. Where nobody gets to live in a mansion whilst others sleep on our streets. Where nobody gets to go to a better school only because of the wealth of their parents. Where a person who labours all day and goes home with every muscle in his body aching earns the same rate of pay per hour as the banker sitting on his bum on his leather seat behind his oak desk.

And believe this, Mr Cameron. No matter how many gold medals Great Britain wins at the upcoming Olympic Games, I will still remember the mess your friends, the bankers, have made of our economy and that it is their fault that we are now in recession. I will still remember the Barclays Bank scandal and the fact that you refuse to conduct a public enquiry into what went on. I will still remember the CEO of Barclay Bank's £2000000 golden handshake after he resigned. I will still remember your cosying up to Murdoch. I will still remember all the inequalities in my country that you do nothing to alleviate preferring instead to keep your friends in business happy.

When you go on television and try to spin the achievements of ordinary British individuals to your own advantage the people of "this great country" see right through you to the person you really are.



  1. I think I commented on this over on facebook.

    Needless to say, I agree with you. Of course, “conservatives” will make disparaging remarks about “wealth envy”.

    I truly believe, however, that it is sheer theft when workers are exploited such that their labor is not compensated with the means for a decent standard of living.