The vast majority of crimes for financial gain are committed by the poor and the rich. My guess is that if you include those actions of the rich which are just about legal but totally immoral then the rich steal far more than the poor. Those who are "comfortable" financially, who can provide for themselves and those they are responsible for and have a little bit of fun as well, are responsible for very little financial crime, if only because the opportunity and real need are not present in their lives. The answer then is simple. Take most of the money off the rich and spread it among the poor so that everybody is comfortably well off.

There is a problem with my suggestion even I could get everyone to go along with it. We would put so much spending money into the economy because of the reduction of individual and corporate crime that we would all start to become a lot richer. This would lead to some of us committing crimes to become even richer (I don't know why that should be but it seems to be what happens) and then the people they stole off would become poor and start committing crimes themselves. We would be back at square one.

What we need is someone to come along and give us some good reasons to love our neighbours as ourselves.



  1. A guy tried to do that once – as I remember, it didn’t end well for him…..

  2. If we found somebody to teach the people to love one another, the economic system would take care of itself. Unfortunately, they do not seem all that willing to try that sort of thing.


  3. Get me a chariot of fire so that I can avoid those with messages of “this is for your own good”.