Whilst doing some research on YouTube yesterday for TIM CHESTERTON'S folk song a day project I cam across this full length video of a 2010 concert by one of the MadCouple's favourite folk bands, The New Scorpion Band. We have all their albums and have seen them perform every time they have journeyed up our way from their native Dorset. They are not the most well known English folk band. To be honest I think they are somewhat excluded from the scene by its movers and shakers because they don't quite fit the snobbishly rigid qualifications for membership that those with influence within the tradition impose. They can read music, they do not disdain the parlour folk and music hall traditions, they sing military songs and religious hymns and often turn up with classical musicians on records and in concert. But, I think they are far more authentic than all the middle class guardians of the tradition pretending to be Northumbrian shepherds or factory workers.

The video and the sound is a bit crappy
but the performance is anything but.

Check out their website by clicking HERE.



  1. Lovely sweet singing so far! Such versatile musicians! I love the little reed organ. I am not trying to hear the narration between songs, but I am being moved by the plaintive sounds. Thanks MP.

  2. Oh my, this is good, and fun! And 47 minutes of it – I’m not going to do one bit of work while this is playing. Thank you so much, MP – for the break, yes, and more, for the delight.