I know, I'm always asking you for money for one thing or another, but when you live hand to mouth (live by faith for the more fervent among you) it becomes the way of things. I'm receiving quite a lot less in monthly donations than I used to and although I cover my normal living expenses, every month something unexpected comes along and puts me in a panic. To be honest, this month's crisis, being broke with two weeks of the month left to go, was expected. It is certainly my fault. Although we were extremely careful with our money on holiday, it did all go and now my only choice is eating the dogs or asking you lot that if anybody finds themselves rolling in it this month would you mind send a little of it my way.

If you do not do so already and are able to, I would really appreciate you considering a monthly pledge (no matter how small or no matter how large) to my ministry. You can use the following widget for this. Click on the arrows in the option box, choose the amount you would like to donate each month and then follow the online instructions.

Another way to help me financially, and one which costs you nothing, is to buy from Amazon via the widget under the heading MAKE MADPRIEST RICH PLEASE in the righthand sidebar. Again, I am getting a lot less through this facility than I used to so your conscious effort to use my widget when you feel the urge would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for listening. Now here is a message from an interested
party for anybody who may be wavering out there:



  1. Fear not, Glenna, Delphi is younger and hence more tender.

    [Hey, MP, you can laugh or you can cry! Laughing is less messy. {{{You, Mrs MP and Da Girls}}}]