Why are posts such as bishop's chauffeur, bishop's gardener and bishop's housekeeper never advertised in the jobs section of "The Church Times?" If I was a cynical man I might conclude that they didn't want the laity who pay for these "servants" to know about it. Especially those laity who worship in parishes where the bishops say the Church can't afford to pay for a priest.


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  1. I don’t recall our Lord having such amenities. And I’m pretty sure none of the Apostles had them either.

    My Bishop drives himself and will not allow anyone to carry his bags.

  2. Or they could simply wish to avoid having “the great unwashed” applying for these jobs and then having to come up with reasons, in public, for only giving jobs like these (which can’t be very difficult-much better than working with the general population)to their friends and their friends’s friends.

  3. Well, sometimes it is handy for a bishop to have a driver. Once We prepared
    A Nd presented. Huge group of confirmandi. Kids and families all present in church, ready to go….Procession not starting, Pator in back of the church looking out at the street.
    Time was passing, so I went back to the Pastor and asked what was the matter? Patiently he replied that no one had put a RESERVED sign on a parking spot for the bishop’s car and so bishop and driver were going around and around the block looking for a parking spot. eventually the bishop grabbed his bag with vestments and abandoned ship, so to speak, leaving the driver still circling around looking for a place to park. I later found out that the person who was supposed to put the reserved sign out was me! talk about poor communication 🙂