From THE EXAMINER via Rick (thanks, Rick):

The Virgin Mary has been spotted half way up a West New York tree.The Virgin appeared along 60th Street and Bergenline Avenue yesterday afternoon and has had a constant stream of visitors praying to her since that moment.

But tragedy has struck. A passing tree hugger, unaware of the miraculous apparition, was beaten to death by the crowd for being far too forward with the virgin mother of God.


IS SHE BARKING MAD? — 8 Comments

  1. I really do hate to be crass, but exactly which part of Mary’s anatomy are we meant to be recognizing in this picture?

    Because I’m having trouble seeing her.

  2. You are obviously the sort of person who goes around seeing naked emperors, Sixth Estate. All I can suggest is that you try harder to follow the crowd. Your present insistence on questioning stuff and insisting on having your own opinion is only going to get you into trouble.

  3. Yes, I suppose that’s me. Naked emperors, naked virgins, naked whatever.

    Thank you, Reverend, for helping me overcome my unbelief. 🙂

  4. I think it’s interesting that over Joe.My.God., most of the gay men saw poontang (often making snide comments re the BVM). Whereas I (like at least one other poster) saw a condom-covered schlong.

    Which is to say, just about NOBODY was turned on by the sight! ;-X

  5. The outline of the break in the tree does more or less suggest the common outline of the horrible Mary statutes one sees around here. Of course as noted above, it is possible to see a host of other things.

    This whole, “see a saint” or “see Jesus” thing makes me wonder if these goofs have a clue.