1. I like the Shop, and dialogue bubble. Funny.

    The caption (blaming “illegal immigrants”), not so much.

  2. JCF, you disappoint me. The joke is not about John the Baptist. The joke is about how Americans treat their underpaid (because they are illegal immigrants) domestic labour.

    How long have you known me?

  3. Personally, I think that the reason so many here don’t want to give these folks amnesty is because we have, yet again, created a system of subjugatory labor (known by any other name as “slavery”). While not technically in chains, we keep them in figurative chains by keeping them threatened by INS, poor, and unable to access the legal system. And we take advantage of their country’s evil politics to garner ourselves this cheap labor force. Wrong, it’s just wrong. Amnesty and reform and swallow the tough pill that is to come.

    What I really wish for is an uncorrupt, stable, economically strong Mexico so they didn’t feel the overwhelming need to come here unless they actually wanted to live here. Their country is so beautiful and filled with lots of wonderful people, lots of resources, and so much potential. It’s unfortunate it’s also run by evil drug lords and ruled by fear and state-supported corruption.

  4. I think you are spot on, LA. And the Mexico problem is largely, in my opinion, the result of US interference in Central America during Reagan’s era. It is also the result of other nations’ abuse of the Mexican people, the chief offenders being Canada. The only way your dream will be realised is if the USA pours a lot of money and practical assistance into Mexico and for the USA and Canada to pressure their businesses into making sure that Mexicans profit from the exploitation of their mineral resources and the like. If all this happened (which, of course, it won’t) you would probably find that people (not just Mexicans) will start to emigrate there.

  5. One does not have to be an “illegal” or any other kind of alien to mis-hear “Bring me some bread as an appetizer” as “Bring me the head of the Baptizer.” I’ve done that a number of times.

    And after all, if you ask our indigenous peoples (the so-called Indians), all of us of european descent are illegal aliens in North America.

  6. The problem then would be that the joke becomes so cumbersome that it isn’t funny. Believe me, I tried every which way. The finished article is the one that worked and it has the bonus of a bit of social commentary.

  7. “JCF, you disappoint me.”

    Hey, it’s one job I DO have! ;-X

    MP, I think you have your heart in the right place MOST of the time (maybe even more often than I do!). But that caption could be clarified, at least. Leave the Power-less group (“illegal immigrants”) out ENTIRELY, and just Zing! the Power-over group (CofE bishops, perhaps?)