It would take a Church of England vicar (normal working hours - 60+ per week) twenty five years to earn the same amount of money as Andy Murray was given for coming second in the men's singles competition at Wimbledon this year. It would take me ninety six years. But Mr Murray burst into tears because he didn't win.

My heart bleeds for you, Andy.


IT’S A FUNNY OLD WORLD — 21 Comments

  1. One of the reasons in the massive difference in the amount paid to vicars and this tennis player is that there are millions more people who think that what this man does is interesting and enjoyable to experience, even vicariously and even when he loses.
    Watching someone drone on and on “Oh God, our help in ages past….” not so much.

  2. Watching someone drone on and on “Oh God, our help in ages past….”

    You’ve really only seen the inside of a church from (typically anti-clerical) movies, haven’t you Troll?

    Churches (like mine, like MP’s, like most here are members of) are ever so much more of the REAL WORLD than in your narcissistically judgmental fantasies…

    • Oooooo…”judgemental”. How to be superior without actually saying anything.
      I’ve been churches; just because I think they’re ridiculous (and shrinking away faster than a pizza in front of Michael Moore) is no reason for you and other members of the gaynglican community not to waste your lives in them enjoying your delusions of relevance.
      Just let me know the next time you want me to take an Episcopal or Presbyterian or UCC synod/general assembly/whatever big meeting resolution seriously; personally, it’s always a source of amusement to me to hear a group over 95% White and Middle/upper middle class demanding “Celebrate our diversity!” and claiming courage for completely banal and tedious statements 99.9% of the rest of mankind will never even hear of.
      The CAPITAL LETTERS must be something you PICKED UP from LEONARDO “I love to cuddle my dogs” Riccardo to EMPHASIZE your PROPHETIC MINISTRY. Interesting but about as stupid as when he does it-which is saying something.

  3. I don’t think he’s weeping at the loss of half a million pounds, that’s crass. It’s the winning the title that matters, not the money. If it was about the money, why are almost all the world’s top tennis players (I think 19 out of the top 20 men) returning to Wimbledon in a couple of weeks or so to play at the Olympics – for which there is no prize money at all?

  4. It’s the winning the title that matters

    Personally, I find that even sadder. But I long ago realised that my lack of understanding of the competitive spirit (something I regard as a very bad thing that leads to war and unfair wealth distribution) is unusual.

  5. I do agree with you, MP, about competition.

    Back in the early 70s (when I was working on getting my teaching certificate) I had to take a course called “Movement Education”. It was a non-competitive approach to physical education and it was the (sadly, short-lived) trend back in those days. The course was all about cooperative rather than competitive play. We aspiring teachers actually participated in all the activities we were learning to teach and I was surprised by how much fun I had (not to mention the degree of physical exertion involved).

    It really is possible to train oneself physically without making it all about winning and losing.

    • Wow. Telling you why people enjoy normal sports must be like trying to explain “green” to the color blind.
      Tell me, did you go to workshops and seminars to develop resources to help us celebrate our diversity in life-enhancing ways via enrichment and collegiality?
      Have I left out any Ed School-speak buzz words?
      The only degree easier to get than an EdDr. is a PhD. in “Divinity”; even quality schools like Yale end up admitting over 30% of their applicants. Compare that with the numbers attempting to get in to their Medical schools or Law schools to see how pointless “Divinity” is as a subject.

  6. I think it can become bad or evil when there is more than emotional gain at risk. Capitalism is a competition where the losers starve to death. The original ethos of the modern olympics where the games were limited to amateurs only was fine. Since the games went professional those sportspeople who cannot afford to give up work to train all day have lost out.

  7. I don’t think there have been any important, meaningful competitions since “Christians vs. Lions” at the old Roman Coliseum in Nero’s time.

  8. Bear in mind that whenever Joe & I drive past the replica of the Flavian Ampitheater/Roman Coliseum just off of I-4 near Universal Studios, Joe yells “GO LIONS!”

    I should try and get a picture of that thing.

  9. Oh, wow, Tracie. . . It’s so pristine! No dung, or open sewers or anything to sully our enjoyment or make our Experience less than stellar!!

  10. BTW, I enjoyed watching a replay of the Tennis match. I was impressed by the well matched play. I was glad to see Federer do so well. I have never played any sports, myself, but I do appreciate a good looking bum in shorts! I do, however, think most top flight professional athletes get too much money for their effort. Of course if they play on a team, the corporate owners of the team rake in much more.

  11. People are willing to pay a great deal for their bread and circuses, rather than use that money to effect change – after all, if I spend my money on watching a stupid child’s game, then only I benefit from my expenditure; if I spend it elsewhere, for the betterment of all, someone else might benefit. Can’t have that! Or thinking – sports are good for getting that stopped right away. And, of course, a people who slaver over their favorite whatever-game-we-played-for-free-until-we-grew-out-of-it team are far less likely to pay attention to what the wealthy and powerful are doing.

  12. Mark, you need to celebrate your diversity! And enjoy the spectacle of the Episcopal Church’s membership decline; inexorable but amusing, the best part is people making up excuses for it and frantically coming up with “initiatives” and “programs” that will somehow stop it.

  13. My church is growing. I don’t know who you are talking about, but my parish has grown 120% in the last year and a half – families, young singles, children. Perhaps your information is out-of-date; you’ve been trying to get it heard for better than a year now. How much have you grown?

    Maybe, you’re jealous. You have no diversity, even of thought. You are dead inside and incapable of producing anything that makes you useful to anyone, so you have to choose the easy target – an institution. No institution produces anything useful, just the individual parts. The only part of you is you. You’ve claimed family – we know it isn’t true. You are alone, helpless, frightened and bitter. I see through you like glass.

    You really are wasting your life, doing nothing but hating and pretending that it is contemptuous amusement – you are so clearly easy to read and without any subtlety. You lack imagination or rationality, both of which would allow you to be embarrassed by your behavior.

    How can we help you to realize your worth?

  14. my parish has grown 120% in the last year and a half

    Forgive me, writing numbers and working with numbers at the same time is often a mistake

    Should be 78%. That’s in the Deep South, too.