I'm not going to tell you exactly how bad this one is as I don't want to put you off clicking on play and missing out on what I promise you will be a unique experience. But I will say that you can take as many days off purgatory that you want if you somehow manage to get all the way through it.



  1. Catchy little tune, but I’ve never before heard a song recorded using two tin cans and a string. Or done in a toilet (or both perhaps). I think you have some explaining to do, sir…..

  2. That was. . .unique, as promised. I rather enjoyed the instrumental bits, but singing with two tin cans and a string backed up by everybody with an instrument who could fit into the public toilet in the back of the bar doesn’t bring out the best in a song.

  3. Please can I have a ticket for your ceremonial CD Bonfire.
    I don’t need any more days off purgatory, I’ve done my time already.
    Unique indeed!!!

  4. I couldn’t dare myself…forgive me. I cannot listen to butchery of music. Thank you commentators for saving me from what likely would been a spontaneous cranial combustion moment.

  5. So, having listened all the way through, I shall, on my way past purgatory, hold up my “Mad Priest official get out of purgatory free” card.
    This little piece of self-indulgent fame could have stood some depth of field, musically.

  6. Well, if you get run over by a bus today, Lois, your card might work. But you have only wiped the slate clean up to now. Any sins you commit from now on (including naughty thoughts, of course) will add days in purgatory onto your account.

  7. I can’t decide if this is Karaoke from Hell or some crazy person singing along with a cassette tape.

    I guess I’ve cleaned my slate in regards to Purgatory for now. I should have logged some more time later today.

  8. So, I have to keep listening to it? Would that work for my next sins (which, of course, I have committed by thought already since the first listen), or does it have to be a different disastrous song to expunge those new sins?

  9. Easily the worst, “professional” recordings I have ever suffered through! On the other hand, I need really good sin as I am now the proud owner of a 500,000 year indulgence, AFTER my pre-existing year balance!


  10. Strangely fascinating, Captain! Badly recorded sing along. Sounds like the band was playing over a cell phone. 10,000 years please!

  11. If I hadn’t just recently gained some measure of faith in a merciful and benevolent God, that might’ve qualified as conclusive proof against the proposition.

    And the worst part is, I don’t even know how to quantify that in terms of days off from Purgatory. Instead, I’d like to donate my blank check to a worthy and deserving sinner… say, whoever engineered that monstrous offense against recording standards.

  12. I figure that was good for a plenary indulgence. Now I need to think of some new sins to commit. A creative chap, I’m sure I’ll think of plenty.