I am sure I don't need to tell you who sent this in to me. I think that the Archbishop of Canterbury ought to send a commission over to the States to do a Benny on the Episcopalian nuns. They are a shocking lot (certain individuals more so than others).



  1. This is very funny. Well done, anonymous Nun!

    But I have two questions. . .
    1. Doesn’t the word Jehovah have an ‘h’ at the end of it?
    2. Why is it okay to have a nipple on that woman’s breast and yet we can’t see any of the man’s apparatus? I see his hand is strategically placed to remove all possibility of it.

  2. Have y’all been getting a lot of JW visits lately? (I’m noticing a theme)

    In the Western U.S., I think we see more Mormons than JWs…

  3. I think you’re right JCF, I see a lot more door-to-door Mormons than JWs. I just tell them I’m RC. I’m not, but it seems to make them run away expediently.

  4. It’s only JWs in Berkeley. The Mormons don’t want us. We’re past earthly redemption. Of course they may try to baptize us after we’ve died.

  5. In the Chicago area, we get both LDS and JW sorts. I find it easier to deal with the LDS folks. Tell them you are a devout Episcopalian and they politely leave. The JW not so much — they tend to be a bit more pushy.

    The worst however are the Southern Baptists. They inform me that because Episcopalians are not “born again” we are doomed to Hell. I asked the last one if he would be there, as I think that evangelism visits from his denomination are hell. He left. 😉


  6. Well, since they’re sky-clad, won’t the Wiccans be trying to get them? They’ll just get idiots saying “Blessed Be!” and “Thank the Goddess!” instead of the golden plates or no birthdays/no Xmass people.

  7. Or they could be Dukhobortsi (“Spirit-Wrestlers”, a radical Russian Christian group, many of whom emigrated to North America with Tolstoy’s help)protesting nude as a sign of their “radical innocence and naked humility”.

  8. You know, Jim, I don’t tell them I’m a “devout Episcopalian”; I tell them I’m a very HAPPY Episcopalian. 🙂

    Somehow, I think they’re more inclined to see happiness as giving them a harder nut to crack..