Ace photographer, KJ, took his enormous zoom to his hometown's Gay Pride Parade last weekend and took a few snaps. Here are some of them for your entertainment. The appropriate response is, "Wow! What brilliant photographs. KJ is a Henri Cartier-Bresson for the twenty first century." You will not, of course, be exaggerating.

KJ writes:

Attached are some pictures from Seattle Pride parade. We had Communion before setting out, and some of the photos are from that. The picture of me is proof that Colin, the one we "met" in last week's discussion, does in fact exist. The sculpted walls are from the exterior of the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum.

I'm not sure if KJ is referring to the third or the fourth photograph when he mentions Colin and himself.


PRIDE IN SEATTLE — 18 Comments

  1. My son-in-law marched with you from St. Marks, KJ. From his pics of you, looks like the description of your zoom is not overrated on this site. Looks like y’all had wonderful weather too!

  2. Let’s not get me started about the wonders of my Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM zoom lens.

    Yes, LA, Caleb connected the dots for me yesterday. Small world!

    During the parade, I took it upon myself to hug anyone who yelled excitedly as the cadre of Episcopalians walked by.

  3. If you had seen the beauty of the many women yelling, “Yea Episcopalians!” you would have been hugging left and right as well – A Pride miracle!

  4. And, just so Colin wouldn’t begin to immediately doubt your veracity, I tut-tutted the scantily-clothed painted ladies just ahead of us.

  5. Tut-tutted them. But didn’t photograph them I notice. Or if you did you have decided, no doubt for some prudish reason, not to send them through to me.

  6. I also spared you from a shot of “Bill Clinton” with EVERY part of his person covered in silver. Such photos have been forwarded to the Prudish Christian GLBT League (PCGLBTL) for review. I’m afraid they shall never see the light of day.

  7. a shot of “Bill Clinton” with EVERY part of his person covered in silver

    Must have a case of the Monday Slows, because I don’t get it. Is this a “Drapes Match Carpet” joke, re Monica’s Dress, a reference to “30 Pieces of” (?!), or Something Else Entirely?


    The Space Needle is beeauuutiful. The large pointed tower, bottom pic, ain’t too bad either. ;-p


    Aw, Gingers! {mwah}

  8. Yup! That would be me in the fourth photograph, in the blue St. Luke’s t-shirt. And I can indeed verify that a notable level of tutting took place. There was quite a bit over which to tut, too, though I was too preoccupied with steering my daughter in her little red wagon to join in much.

  9. I have no idea what statement was being made with silverized Bill; I did not ask. But LA’s son-in-law was with me when we spotted him, just as I was saying something about my inner prudishness, so we laughed and enjoyed the spectacle in the spirit of the party which is Pride.

    Pride is always a bit surreal for me – Spending most of my life closeted, and now processing with a herd of Episcopalians in the parade. Life has not been great the past few years, but thanks be to God for those moments of fabulousness where all is as it should be.

    BTW, the “free hugs” lady above gave good hug.

  10. Oh, and one of the gingers is an Episcopal priest. I know they’re both wearing dog collars, so it’s tough to tell which is which, but they’re both wonderful!

  11. Thanks for that link, Colin. The photos were beautiful and made me cry.

    I may well have broken my no hugging I’m English rule for that particular free hugs lady, KJ.

  12. Colin, thanks for the link! Yesterday I didn’t see the naked bike riders, so let me just say, “Tut tut!” and “Tsk tsk!”

  13. You probably did see the naked bike riders but your brain blanked them out replacing them with a classily arranged vase of seasonal blooms or something similar of a wholesome nature.

  14. BTW, As a photographer wannabe, I would tell you that it is not the size, but the quality of the zoom lens that matters, but I know you would turn that into something tawdry.