Same sex marriage does not undermine heterosexual marriage; all forms of committed relationship enhance and strengthen society.

The Church's formal rejection of gay marriage:
* lacks the compassion of Jesus for all made in the image of God
* fosters an unjust and continuing discrimination (and in some cases abuse) of lgbt people in the name of Christ
*is in thrall to literal-minded understandings of scripture and tradition and lacks the energy and moral courage of Jesus who challenged unjust social structures and traditions
* further undermines the national credibility and relevance of the Church of England

If you agree with this statement and strongly disagree with unelected, behind closed doors, fear filled, hate spewing spin doctors talking their trash and claiming it's in your name that they are doing so, then please sign this petition HERE.

It's very rude to speak on behalf of other people when you don't have their explicit permission. Heck, I get it in the neck if I say something on behalf of Mrs MP without getting her permission first, and we sleep together.



  1. “. . . and we sleep together.”

    Perhaps you should have said that you sleep with her and let her speak for herself as to whether she sleeps with you.

  2. I’m rather wary of online petitions. What is this one supposed to accomplish? Get the ABC and York and the HoB to just say “oops, our bad, we’ll get right on that and change it”?

    Somehow I am guessing it’s not going to be just that easy/simple.

  3. I have personally been involved in an online petition campaign on that actually did change a decision. Seattle Pacific University had decided that the LGTBQ group called Haven that had been meeting on campus to prepare their statements to move to full club status were unceremoniously banned from campus and their faculty advisor was banned from meeting with them even off campus.

    The leadership of Haven immediately started a petition on and publicized it through media, both online and radio. Within days, it had been spotted and ended up on’s home page. The comments section was filled with alumnus vowing to drop their support since clearly the university had lost their way (motto of univ. is “engaging the culture, changing the world”). It garnered tons of signatures and the media picked up on that and began to apply public pressure. The decision was reversed and Haven began meeting on campus again.

    Tracie, it can and does work. It makes support tangible and real rather than nebulous and sketchy. It gives reporters numbers which make their jobs easier and their articles more substantiated. And if it’s picked up and published through some well-read blogs, then the numbers can really climb fast throwing even more fuel on the fire. It works…

  4. I have signed this petition and expect that ++Rowan will leave for Rome as soon as his term as ABC comes to an end. Why else would he be abandoning his pre-ABC beliefs other than to curry favor with the Vatican?