I just knew when I saw the cover of this record that this was going
to be a truly great "Where Does He Find Them" choice.

You can buy loads more of Larry's stuff at CD Baby.
All equally as beautiful as this gem.

Oh, by the way, feel free to take 100 days off your purgatory account if you manage to listen to it all the way through.

MP3 File



  1. He actually has more of this stuff? WHY?

    jimB (who will have to reschedule a really cool sin as no way I got all the way through!)

  2. Well I have no difficulty understanding why he “walks alone”. Uh Hu!
    As long as he keeps on walking I will forego my 100 days.
    Thanks MP, so beautiful!!

  3. Truly Awful. I didn’t understand much of it except the “walk alone” bit. That, I understood, very deeply!

  4. Nope. Thirty eight seconds were enough of that. No days off Purgatory for me. But he’s not alone—he appears to be carrying three of somebody’s fingers on his right shoulder.

  5. Do I actually get 200 days? Because Joe was in the room with me when I played this, he got thru the whole thing as I did (so I have a witness) but he doesn’t want his 100 days. Can I have them?

  6. No.

    However, as his reward, by the power invested in me etc. etc. I will arrange it for Joe, on his 109th. birthday to die in battle. It’s the best I can do.

  7. On the whole it would appear that the people who get all the way through these songs are already suffering from quite severe psychic damage before they press play. The sane ones are, well, too sane to press play in the first place.