It's easy. If your team is losing and you are in charge of making up the rules of the game, you just get rid of the final whistle so that the game goes on for ever. That way, you need never admit defeat. Of course, if you have been well and truly defeated and there's no way to get around that fact, just pretend that you haven't. Ignore it. Act as if nothing happened.

These suggestions have been brought to you by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Doctor Rowan Williams.


No timescale is to be put on the adoption of the Anglican Covenant, the Standing Committee of the An­gli­can Communion (SCAC) agreed last week. The Covenant was discussed on the first of the three days of the committee’s talks, attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury and elected members of the Anglican Consultative Council and the Primates’ standing committee.

A statement released afterwards said: “The Standing Committee re­ceived an update on the progress of the Anglican Communion Covenant. It was noted that eight provinces had endorsed the covenant to date, in some cases with a degree of qualifica­tion. They were the only responses received so far by the secretary general.”

The Church of England, which rejected the Covenant when a majori­ty of dioceses voted against it in March, was not included in the responses received.



  1. We can, perhaps, comfort ourselves with the reflection that nothing about the process of the Covenant can make it any more absurd than it always inherently was.

    A practical comfort, too, is that the Covenant impinges not at all on the people I minister to, who have never heard of it. Although it might be nice to have some apostolic energy spent on something else.

    See my comments here:

  2. Wasn’t it a rule invented by Calvin of Calvin & Hobbs comic strip that Calvin made up the rules of the games they played, and changed them to suit himself, sometimes even during the game? It’s not a new idea then.

  3. The technical argument would go something like this… A proposed Act of Synod was sent out for consultation to the dioceses, who declined to endorse it. As a result, that same Act of Synod may not be brought before General Synod again until 2015, unless the Business Committee of Synod agree. In other words, it will be like Ireland and the last EU treaty. The bureaucrats will continue to ask the question until they get the answer they want…

  4. Nij: that would be Calvinball, and yes, the rules were made up as they went

  5. It’s getting harder and harder to not see the need for an Episcopal Communion: one in which Down is not labeled “Up” and so forth.