This is the first of a new formal feature at OCICBW... in which we will be highlighting quotations from religious people which are supposed to sound reasonable and/or compassionate etc. but are in fact just fancy excuses for doing bad things. In other words, bollocks.

The first recipient of our scorn is Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, from the Holy See Press Office (one of the Vatican's top spin doctors) who is talking about Roman Catholics who are kept away from the real presence of Jesus Christ because they got remarried after divorce or are just shacked up with their lovers. This is in line with that famous commandment of Jesus Christ, as reported in scripture, "Do this in remembrance of me unless, of course, you fuck up when I just don't want to know you." I am sure Father Lombardi will be a regular contributor to this feature.

“The suffering of those deprived of sacramental Communion, if it is inwardly accepted as the price of the common witness that the faithful should give to the importance of the stability of sacramental marital love, is a gift to the Church. People who find themselves in such a condition are most definitely not outside the Church. They are rather most fully inside the Church, in the heart of the Church, with a desire that is perhaps all the greater because of the experience of deprivation.”

Beautifully put, Frederico, and complete bollocks.

OCICBW... is happy to receive your examples of godbollocking.
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  1. [Godwin’s Law caveat]

    SS guards (to their conquerors): “You have no idea of the horrors we witnessed!”

    Fr Lombardi: “The suffering…is a gift”


    “They are rather most fully inside the Church, in the heart of the Church”: so you gonna kiss THEIR rings now, Padre? Amiright?