1. I thought you were all for multiculturalism.

    But this IS what it entails.

  2. Which idea?

    That you were all for multiculturalism? There was a big discussion about it here on your blog and you’d said you were very much in favor of it, and nearly all of your American readers did not have the same idea as to what “multiculturalism” means as you did. No big shock, really.

    That this is what it entails? That’s just a personal observation on my part.

  3. I have never said I am in favour of multiculturalism. I have said that multiculturalism isn’t working. However we did have a conversation about what multiculturalism means. I am personally for a mixture of melting pot and assimilation.

  4. This is not multiculturalism, this is the classic secularist attack on the faith using “sensitivity” as an excuse.


  5. The last couple of sentences in the article make one wonder who really is crazy here.

  6. Many chapels in US hospitals now are non-denominational. I’m not sure real “services” are held by anyone, but I do know that even Christians can go in, pray, and feel comfort in that act.

  7. The point that the writer of this letter is making is that there will be no chapel whatsoever. To appease the PC crowd and new atheists of our welfare state they are getting rid of all sacred spaces. This is a stupid thing to do. Mentally ill people often receive great comfort from religion.

  8. I blame the whole “I’m spiritual but not religious” crap that’s been floating around so much over the last few years.

  9. Of course, it’s PC nonsense. It may have been discredited but it lingers on in social workers’ meeting rooms and school staff rooms throughout the land. It’s mostly a female thing. I know this because whenever I get attacked for saying something that I’m not supposed to it’s a woman doing the attacking. But then, Polly Toynbee is the antichrist.

  10. I would like more details, as I think a Letter to the Editor might not be the best means for objective information.

  11. When we lock people up in the bin
    At a time when their mind’s in a spin
    Say there’s no space for God
    Though they’re feeling quite odd
    Lest it cause a poor trendy chagrin