1. I know I’m weird, but when I meet an English person I just feel…envy, lots and lots of envy. And I wonder why in hell they’re here in blazing-hot, Republican Texas when they could be in lovely cool England.

  2. Come on now, this is totally bogus. I know there are ignorant people everywhere but this is over the top. I am American and love my ancestors on the other side of the pond.

  3. Oh dear, someone’s off his meds again. And we’d thought that having a National Health Service would improve one’s mental state.
    Ever hear of “narcissism of small differences”?

  4. One cannot escape one’s d.n.a., Ellie 🙂

    As we love you, ngillard. But that has nothing to do with us saying silly things about each other. The cockney accent and the comments about the war are spot on, I’m afraid.

    A troll commenting on the mental state of someone else is like an American commenting on the arrogance of the British.

  5. As for Americans mispronouncing British place names, I leave you with BBC mispronunciation of, among others:

    Maryland (it’s MEH-ri-l’nd, not MAY-ree-land)
    Michigan (it’s MISH-uh-g’n, not MITCH-i-gen)

    They make such a fetish about pronouncing Indian place and proper names correctly (ie, as the natives do) and yet don’t bother when it’s an American place name. Drives me nuts.

    As a naturalised Brit, I therefore complain about it to Radio 4. And, as native Brits do, they take no notice.

  6. Indians speak Indian. How they pronounce their languages is up to them and it is right for us to respect this.

    Michigan is most definitely Mitch-i-gen. If Americans want non-Americans to pronounce it Mish-uh-g’n they should change its spelling. Alternatively they could adopt Hindi as their official language and we’ll pronounce what they want like they want. However, I expect Indians will expect their new fellow Hindi speakers to pronounce their language correctly.

  7. Yes, sadly there are a lot of ignorant Americans. And even sadder is that they will all vote for Romney. (But only because Newt Gingrich is unavailable).