Thanks Frank, Roberta, Justin, Jonathan and Kevin. Your incredible generosity has pushed the appeal total to


I'm really chuffed!

But to buy all the stuff I would like to upgrade OCICBW... and Saint Laika's, pay my running costs and provide my readers with a better, more profesional, experience, I could do with quite a bit more. And just to take advantage of a special offer on the laptop I need to raise a further £100 by next Tuesday (The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - God bless Her Majesty). So, my friends out there at the end of the internet tubes, if you've got a spare bob or two, I would be really grateful if you sent it my way.

All monies raised from this appeal will go towards my online ministry. 
None of it will be spent on me.

Full details of the appeal can be found HERE.

And here is the button you have to click on to make your donation.

If you really don't like using PayPal, then email me and I will suggest other ways of making a donation.


Everybody who sends in a donation receives a copy of
completely and absolutely FREE*

* Just send money.

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