Best anonymous comment on my blog ever. I think after a mere six and a half years of blogging I can now say that I've finally arrived. Heck, I bet I'm getting more psychopathic mail than Barack Obama:

No doubt the level of anglican self-satisfaction has something to do with helping the poor, but it's hard to see how, given that so many of the men here have absolutely no interest in "knocking" at any female's door, conservative or otherwise.

Ugly and as stupid as the Fundiegelicals.

For putting up with such a total asshole as you, your wife should walk out the door and find a man with a real job-or at least one who's not convinced that someone invisible won't let him get a job where he might do something besides preach at people based on Bronze Age texts and light candles.

Piece of shit.

Oh, I am so proud. It's been a bad day
but this has really cheered me up.



  1. Thanks, Archdruid. Coming from a veteran blogger of your standing, who has no doubt received many fine examples of TrollLit in her mailbox, that is a real compliment.

    • It has to be admitted, that can’t be the most difficult thing to do in the world.

      Why this particular troll has been sending in comments to me for years complaining about religion is beyond me. I do a far better job of it than he does every day on my blog.

  2. Whatever else, don’t forget to pray for Brad.

    For all the garden-variety mental illnesses present in some of the regulars here (see re Yours Truly), the pathological levels evident in Brad are heart-breaking to witness. Lord heal your beloved child!

    • Yes. My own mental health problems tend to elicit sympathy from others. Brad’s problems elicit disgust. But our problems come from the same source, it is an accident of fate how they manifest themselves. It’s a weary, old cliche but still true – “There but for the grace of God go I.”