Any job that does not pay more than what it costs for a person to survive is slavery as even slaveowners make sure their slaves survive.

One of the main reasons the landowners of the Southern States desired the continuation of slavery so fervently was because it gave them a big commercial advantage over those countries that did not allow slavery (the cost of production being considerably lower if you do not share your profits with your workers).

Most of the world's production is now carried out by workers who, although free in principle, do not earn more than enough money to survive on. Many earn less than they need. Many are actually less well provided for than the slaves of the Southern States. Countries, such as Vietnam and India, where such slavery is endemic, allow this state of affairs because it gives them a commercial advantage over those countries where the workers demand to earn more than enough to survive on. Therefore, the multi-international companies and their political enablers, who move their production to such countries are engaging in and encouraging the continuation of the slave trade. Anybody who profits from the commercial enterprises of these companies (through share holding, interest on savings or pension provision etc.) are also guilty.

Are you a slaveowner?

The Church of England is.



  1. Well, apparently yes I am a slaveowner. My wristwatch: made in China. My digital camera: made in China. Most of my t shirts: made in Honduras. My cell phone: made in Korea. The stapler on my desk (which says BOSTON): made in China. The lighter I use for my candles: made in China.

    And I wonder why Joe can’t get a job with an American company, IN THE US.

  2. Hi MP,
    no. we, well Skipp now, is the ‘slave’ – being held hostage to a job searches that pays less than unemployment compensation AND he gets looked over because he is, shall we say, ‘seasoned’. SO he isn’t even desired to be hired for slave or less than slave wages. ANd my social security disability is NOT enough to survive on – I do have a long term disability plan which will expire in a few years, then what? My goodness –
    <3 gae

  3. The last time I raised this very point in The English Church I was told to stop being so unrealistic.

    Can anyone find that narrow gate at all? we seem to have lost it…..

  4. Of course, we are all now caught up in a web of systemic economic injustice – where do we start in order to escape it? Repentance must lie at the core…

  5. It’s funny to me that history teaches that the Republic won the American Civil War – we are all on the plantation, now.