Please welcome Bishop Sensible to OCICBW.... Unlike The Lord Bishops, he is a complete figment of my imagination.


NEW KID IN TOWN — 3 Comments

  1. Jonathan, Bishop Sensible is a wonderful character. I wonder if you could create an ongoing cartoon about him — and find a publisher, like an online publisher (Religion Dispatches, Slate, Salon, or possibilities I have no knowledge of). This might be a paying gig for you — and you would be paid for your humor and point of view.

    I think a Bishop Sensible cartoon in a British publication would quickly become huge, and if you had a link to OCICBW, maybe even integrated into the border of every cartoon, you would drive your readership and support up.

    I know it’s easy for me to write and could be very hard for you to do, but I really think Bishop Sensible “has legs,” as we say in the US about an idea that is obviously going to go places.

    Do you like this idea at all? (If not, please ignore.)

    –Nancy in Boston