From a diocesan website's vacancy page:

Risk making mistakes?!!!

You've got to be kidding me!

The clergy of the Church of England live in constant fear of getting the slightest thing wrong in case they upset somebody. An anonymous email to a bishop, a tip-off to the press, can lead to your life and career being completely screwed up for ever over the most ridiculously daft things and the "senior staff" aren't going to back you up. They are far too worried about getting to the top of the ecclesiastical greasy pole to risk being seen to support an unpopular decision by a parish priest. You are completely expendable, my parish based friends. My advise is that you risk nothing. Don't have any new ideas and never change anything. Above all, don't, for any reason, engage with the world outside of the church. You might end up having to use its language and that would never do.

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