Anglican churches are beginning to accept gay people into their hierarchies but I fear this is only because being gay is becoming more acceptable in society in general. I look forward to the day when my church follows the teachings of it's professed Lord and Saviour and starts accepting unacceptable people with open arms.



  1. Grammar Nag: “its professed Lord”


    True Confessions: I was at an Emotions Anonymous picnic yesterday. Now, everybody in EA (not to mention our friends and families!) has their own mental illness/emotional problems deal.

    But there was a guy I didn’t know there: an acquaintance (apparently) of a newcomer. This guy had smack-in-you-in-the-face obvious SCHIZOPHRENIA: saw visions, knew about 9-11 in advance (at age 7!), “spoke every language”, the works.

    I don’t wanna call the guy an “unacceptable person”, but a full-blown schizo is hella tiresome to have around.

    HEALING Lord Christ, remember in mercy your children with reality-distorting mental illnesses, and make us mindful of their needs (even when some of us would prefer they Just Go Away Over There).

  2. Why not just slip him something in his drink and let him slip away into that long good night? It’s not like he’d be any worse off dead. More of a relief, actually.

  3. But you’re mentally ill, troll. Maybe even a schizophrenic, certainly obsessive to the point of embarrassing lunacy. Perhaps you should take a dose of your own medicine. That would cheer us all up. Heck, your demise would actually give reason to your miserable, parasitic life.

  4. But how would you know how I make a living? And I’m at least as happy as you; I know I’ve never had to beg for the money for a computer or a vacation, anyway.
    If I were ” Healing Lord Christ”, I’d certainly either be able to make people without schizophrenia so severe that they were this delusional or would at least have the ability to answer prayers without having people make up lame *ss excuses like “God’s ways aren’t our ways.”
    “Prayer-For When You Have No Idea What To Do But Want To Sound Concerned And Caring Anyway!”