I've updated my blog roll (see right hand sidebar).

I've pruned out the blogs that have been silent recently and added a few new ones. If I have chopped you off in your prime by mistake or if you would like your blog to be included on the list, then please email me at with the address of you blog(s) and I will, more than likely, add it.


BLOG NOTICE — 6 Comments

  1. I’m glad you’re pleased, Gail. Although, I should point out that the cut to be included on my blogroll and among my friends is set extremely low 🙂
    I mean, have you seen some the ne’erdowells that hang around my place?

  2. Gail, I recall when without my asking he added me to the list. I was thrilled. Do not let that put-down hangdog look in Jonathon’s prose fool you, he does have standards. Fortunately, I fall below them. 😉