Some songs are timeless. They speak to every new generation. 
Or perhaps it's just that in our world, no matter how many gods get 
themselves killed, some things never change.

What a field-day for the heat,
A thousand people in the street,
Singing songs and carrying signs,
Mostly say, hooray for our side.



  1. HI Mad Priest –
    I love this song, one of my (our) faves. We are ole hippies here, Skipp is a Woodstock alumni – he is a great musician.
    thanks for the share and for all you do – you are the real deal.
    Love you man

  2. That second picture – I can assure you they’ll also say, “But don’t touch my government benefits!”

    Overfed, over-moneyed fools.

  3. Like that classic Craig T “I’m an Idiot” Nelson quote: “Growing up, I was on welfare, I was on food stamps: nobody helped me!” O_o

    FWIW, really like this song. 😉

  4. The wonderful values of the modern Republican Party:

    “I’ve got mine”
    and sociopathy.

    Teddy Roosevelt (a good Episcopalian in his day) must be spinning in his grave.

  5. Only Teddy Roosevelt can save the world! The French people have just realised that. It’s a shame that my government continues to believe that the rich are going to get us out of the mess they got us into in the first place without any government intervention.

  6. My dear friends in the second photo, socialism IS freedom, as is following Jesus. But there I go again, mixing politics and religion. I’m gonna get myself in trouble soon, I’m afraid.

  7. Do these folks really think that creating and holding down a permanent underclass of poor and working poor will improve things? The Arabs have had a spring, the Russians have had marches, even the Chinese have had local rebellions. What makes them think it won’t happen in the US? Liberty without public responsibility is license, and cannot stand. There will be a reckoning, and there will be losers….. And they won’t all be the ones on the bottom now…..