The MadPriest Gang has not been on holiday, or had even a weekend away, since September 2010. But this July, thanks to the extreme generosity of a certain English gentleman of our mutual acquaintance, we are hoping to hitch up the caravan and take off to the wilds of Ayrshire in Scotland. We have cobbled together enough money to service and repair our caravan so that we don't fall through the floor. We have the money for the site fees and I'm saving like mad to get some spending money together. Basically, as far as the holiday is concerned, we've got it covered.


Mrs MP is concerned.

She thinks that as OCICBW... and Saint Laika's are my only source of income and because I am self-employed, I cannot just close everything down for two weeks. Evidently, being self-employed comes with responsibility. It has to be admitted, she has a lot more commonsense than me. Let's face it, my dog, Glenna, has a lot more sense than me and she isn't the brightest of border collies.

So, here's the deal. Mrs MP thinks I should go mobile. This would involve me buying a laptop and I do not have the money to do that. Therefore, I am launching this special appeal.

I need to raise £749 so that I can buy an Apple 11 inch MacBook Air (the cheapest, most basic model). Preferably before 5th. June 2012 so that I can get about £24.00 in cash back (by way of triple Nectar points). It is my birthday in June and I am asking everybody who normally gives me a present (all three of them) to consider giving me money this year towards the cost of the laptop. But that is not going to get anywhere near raising the money I need. Therefore, once again, I am asking you, my readers and supporters to help me. This item will mainly be used for my internet ministry so any donation you make towards its purchase is going towards my ministry and your entertainment alone. If, by any chance, I raise more than £749 I will spend it all on stuff for my ministry (such as a new podcast licence or a microphone to make my podcasted services sound more professional).

But, contrary to the accusations of the trolls that hang around my blog, I don't believe in being given something for nothing and so I have spent the last week cobbling together a big juicy carrot.

YES! Everybody who donates to this appeal will receive a copy of THE BEST OF MADPRIEST 2011. A ninety eight page, PDF eBook containing all the best bits from last year's OCICBW... output. There are photoshops, jokes, piccies of the MadGang and even some serious stuff - all brought together in one file for your entertainment and enlightenment. A souvenir of my madness that you can keep for the rest of your life and hand down to the generations that will follow you. Will people be jealous? Of course, they will. In fact I suggest you bolt your computer to the floor of your house to stop it being stolen by covetous people too stingy to send the money to get their own completely free copy.

It doesn't matter how much you donate. Everyone's a winner!

Just click on the widget below and follow the instructions.

If your really don't like using PayPal, then email me and I will suggest other ways of making a donation.





  1. Sir, you’re in religion: you deal in nothing. You can’t even point to your own boss.

  2. Thanks, troll. I can always rely on you to boost the donations. There is nothing better at getting my friends to dig deep into their pockets than a nasty comment from you. It works every time. My goodness, you are so incredibly stupid.

  3. I was going to donate to troll’s student loan repayment fund, but as the education apparently was squandered, I will opt for a birthday Macbook, instead.

  4. I sent my (pathetic) little gift this morning. I wish it could be more, but I simply do not have the cash flow. I am thinking about changes after I get my knee to the state of affairs, but at the moment, it is what I can afford.

    Marcus, trolls cannot be educated, only eradicated. That is what blocking software is intended to achieve. 😉


  5. Your knee is damn sight more important than any laptop, Jim. Of course, in England we get out new knees on the national health. But then we pay about twice as much for our computers. It’s a strange world.