The annual mass exodus from the French capital sees the city's inhabitants while away the August heat in the countryside. But this week many of the biggest earners across the Channel have been mulling a départ which could be rather more permanent. The toppling of Nicolas Sarkozy by François Hollande, the first socialist president to lead the country in 17 years, has sent ripples of fear through the wealthier arrondissements of Paris. Mr Hollande plans to implement a 75pc tax rate on earnings over €1m (£800,000), on top of a 45pc rate for people making €150,000 or more. He is also expected to raise "wealth taxes" on property assets and end his predecessor's tax incentives to lure bankers back home.

That's the way to do it. And I would suggest to the new president that all economic emigrants from his country should have their French citizenship and passport stripped from them. Alternatively, they could be tried for treason and book themselves a date with Madame Guillotine.

My name is MadPriest and I am a socialist.



  1. Sometimes the very well-to-do discover that people can be crapped upon only so often before they get really p****ed off.

    The best way for the rich to defeat the commies and the socialists is to not give them any ammunition to use against them.

    Treat people fairly and they will treat you fairly in return.

    Give the worker his or her due and compel your progeny to work for their success just as you did.

  2. Well yes there’s that too. But then there’s all that blood and the need to bury the bodies.

  3. They are already here in Chelsea, London. There was an article about them in some paper last week. Apparently, there is a whole industry in London that caters for French people e.g French schools. But there are Brits over there too.

  4. Ah, yes, the “first against the wall when the revolution comes” solution. Where do we start?

  5. Iceland seem to have been doing it for a while and in much more style… but no-one writes about Iceland apparently. Check e-mail – message sent to me by EU colleague.

  6. Obviously, we need to implement a system of taxation WORLD-WIDE, to stop this fleeing of wealth from low-rate to no-rate taxation. But say that—THE OBVIOUS—and then the Wingnut Noise Machine would gear up to talk about “666” and black helicopters and such nonsense.

  7. JCF who would enforce such a system? You would need a world government and that government would have to rely on many of the same people who know where the best countries and banks are to store their money.