1. Jonathan:
    Raylene comes from a really musical family who recorded under the name’ The Rankin Family’ for a couple of decades. Check them out the next time your in the mood for some good Gaelic music.
    Her brother Jimmy, also a serious musician with several records under his belt. They both come from a breath-takingly beautiful part of Martime Canada: Cape Breton.
    As for Bruce Cockburn, we used to live in the same neighburhood here in Montreal which will always be first and foremost the city of Leonard the Cohen.

    • Hi, David. Yes, I know the Rankins, although I actually prefer the work Raylene has done with other people and on her own. Some of the Rankin Family stuff was a little too pop for me. I would really love to go the Red Shoe pub in Mabou, which the sisters own. I bet the craic is really good.

  2. Beautiful. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased some new music. Amazon made it easy to get into iTunes, so I could get it, and have it go through your affiliate! Susan