My friend, Viv, at ZEN AND THE ART OF TIGHTROPE WALKING, is a brilliant writer but in her latest post, "Is Light hurt by Darkness? ~ searching for meaning in life," she excels herself. Do check it out and do join in the debate this personal, but also universal, post surely demands.

Are my efforts to exist in a meaningful way damaged by the rising tide of darkness that emerges both from within my own psyche and from the world beyond me? Can I integrate, indeed, should I integrate, my own darkness? Is life about keeping the dark at bay or is it about understanding that darkness is not evil but rather a different state of being essential to survival? Is not only my life but life on earth meaningless or meaningful?



  1. Thanks for the shout out Jonathon. This post proved to me the last straw for someone I know via Twitter, combined with my recent tentative diagnosis of bi-polar2 and my refusal to take medication (yet) and the person in question chose to inform me they were unfollowing me and why. Rather upset me.
    I think there are many for whom exploring the dark and the deep are more frightening than anything else and who therefore hate anyone who has not taken the same route they have.