Now, almost 20 years after the first ordinations of women the traditional dog collar is changing with new ranges of clerical dress incorporating floral designs, paisley patterns and even touches of leopard print.

Some of the latest designs were put on display in a catwalk show at Sandown Park racecourse in Surrey this week at a massive trade fair for all things clerical.

Other ecclesiastical innovations on display at the Christian Resources Exhibition International included a new design of pulpit lectern to fit an iPad, enabling priests to store their sermons on screen – or Tweet.

The Revd Michael Gooch, the UK representative of African Praise Vestments, which has transformed the traditional clerical shirt, said that the influence of women priests had even helped male clergy to “branch out” and inject a hint of colour.

It is extremely unlikely that I will ever wear a dog collar again, but if it was ever to happen I would certainly go for one of African Praise Vestment's shirts (see below). I don't know why so many gay Church of England priests were so against the ordination of women. It was obvious that it was only a matter of time before they would pave the way for us all to dress fabulously.

PLEASE NOTE: The title to this post is one of those that I expect major flattery for. If this is not forthcoming I will sulk all weekend. You may think, "So what?" But just remember those two poor border collie dogs that have to put up with me when I'm in a sulk.


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  1. Hmmm. OK, I like “ready to wear” but I really don’t like the shirts with ribbon trim. Maybe a discreet floral print would be OK.

  2. Wouldn’t want you to sulk, dearie! Very clever, in deed!! The shirts would be ever-so-much more lovely if the collar actually looked like it was made to fit the model.

  3. Indeed, the title is very clever. The clerical shirts, unfortunately, are mostly very ugly. I do sort of like the red/pink diamonds, though.

  4. Oh hell, I thought this was going to be a Babelicious Bishops tip (Twinnnnnns! ;-p)