1. I am very glad that that the Episcopal Church, with thanks to Samuel Seabury, owes more of its catholicity and heritage to the Scottish Episcopal Church than it does to the CofE.

  2. Just to clarify – the Open Episcopal Church is NOT part of the Anglican Communion and has nothing official to do with the Scottish Episcopal Church. They are independent Old Catholics of a liberal hue.

  3. Why bother having an “Open Episcopal Church”-in Scotland of all places, too? Aren’t half their clergy gay anyway? What’s the point?

  4. Hey, we’re pretty liberal and inclusive MP (mostly). Yer Troll has a sort of point – albeit without the guts to put a name by their thoughts.

  5. Yes, I was wondering why the need for an “Open” Episcopal Church in Scotland, when the SEC is already (blessedly) open [Have they consecrated women to the episcopate already? SEC needs to catch up on that.]

  6. I agree on the bishops being rather wimpy on going public on our inclusivity. No JCF we haven’t consecrated any women bishops yet – we’re still looking for the right one. Holy Spirit, God’s timetable etc. Take time and get it right rather than rush in to make a point irrespective of suitability. But we have our 1st female Dean installed tomorrow and a woman provost on the way (hopefully less abrasive than Attila the Nun of Dundee!)