From THE TELEGRAPH: Now, almost 20 years after the first ordinations of women the traditional dog collar is changing with new ranges of clerical dress incorporating floral designs, paisley patterns and even touches of leopard print. Some of the latest … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


From THE CHURCH TIMES: A Zimbabwean pastor was asked to leave by two churches when they discovered that he was HIV-positive. The pastor, the Revd Maxwell Kapachawo, said that he had been trying to break the taboo about the disease … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


Public Debate with Michael Sandel – What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets Is there something wrong with a world in which everything is for sale? If so, how can we prevent market values from reaching into spheres … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


As the Rabbis put it: “Any love that depends upon something else, when that something else disappears, the love disappears; but if it does not depend upon something else, it will never disappear. (From “Of Slippery Slopes”, posted by Tobias Haller … [CLICK TO READ MORE]