Sam Norton's essay, "What does the Bible say about...?" that he has posted on his blog, ELIZAPHANIAN is an extremely erudite piece of work for someone who lives in Essex.

In other words, the Bible points beyond itself. The point of the Bible is not that we become experts about what the Bible says, but rather that we recognise what it is that is being talked about – and then get on with pursuing that (which is, for a Christian, all about getting to know Jesus and becoming more like Him). Buddhists would call this distinguishing between the pointing finger and the moon which is being pointed to, but the Christian tradition has its own way of describing the difference. In one of his many angry confrontations with the Pharisees, Jesus says “You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me!” - in other words, the Pharisees, despite their very great knowledge of Scripture, didn't realise what the ultimate point was. They were like football fans whose only knowledge of the game came from reading reports in the newspapers, and who had never actually seen a match played, let alone kicked a football for themselves.

Go check the rest out for yourself. Many of you will not agree with everything Sam says, which is fine. There's nothing that Sam likes more than lively debate. So give him some grief!

He promises us more of his thoughts on the interpretation of scripture, particularly in respect of same sex marriage, in the near future.



  1. The fifth Bishop of Long Island, Jonathan G. Sherman, taught the Old Testament at the school where I was trained to be a deacon.

    He told us that the reason Christians learned the Old Testament was so that we could get “the mind of Christ.” After all what we call the Old Testament were the scriptures our Lord studied as he grew up.

  2. It is a good piece of writing but beware! He has the darn scrambled word crud activated. Makes posting a comment there a pain in the eye!